Don’t throw “me” out…..please!!!

I may be dusty, worn, and broken, but I CAN talk and play with you again!

Dr. Betty can attend to all of my needs. …. She has been doing this for over 20 years now and has an ample supply of what I may need to fix me right up!

I must have my original battery cover, (except for Teddy Ruxpin, which she DOES have) but the others are no longer available. Dr. Betty CAN repair most covers, but not replace.

She’ll completely restore all of my “secret” inner parts, pieces and belts and I’ll be just like new for my return trip! I will also come back to you fresh and thoroughly cleaned from the inside out.

If I happen to have misplaced any of my favorite story books or tapes, I am sure that I’ll be able to find some here. I know Dr. Betty also has extra outfits available as it would be fun to dress up for the holidays and any other special occasion.

All you need to do is contact Dr. Betty and she will help me make my travel arrangements.

For a mere $40.00, plus return shipping, I can be restored to new condition! Parts and labor included.

Dr. Betty can have me ready to come home within 7 days of me arriving and she will invoice my fee plus return shipping to your PayPal account. If, by chance, you don’t use PayPal, she also takes money orders or cashiers checks.

Please contact Dr. Betty